The adventure begins.

November 2011 and here I am. A journalist from a city (a small city but still a city) now living in a little village in southwest Ireland, on a peninsula of land that has some of the most fantastic scenery, wildlife and food this country has to offer. Well, I think so anyway and over the next year I hope to share with you the sights, sounds and tastes of my life on the Sheep’s Head.

Rush hour in Kilcrohane

I am not ashamed to say that I am looking for all the pleasures this seaside oasis has to offer. From the celebrated walks along the Sheep’s Head Way, to collecting and cooking some of the wonderful food that is produced in the area, to the fishing, kayaking, cycling, music and wildlife, I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy year.

I also plan to record and podcast some of the sounds from the Sheep’s Head.  I hope to meet the very creative and productive people who have made their lives in this corner of West Cork and maybe, just maybe, learn some more about what it’s like to live in a rural community in Ireland in the 21stcentury.

One of our new neighbours

We arrived, my wife and I, with all our worldly possessions to a little village called Kilcrohane on the Sheep’s Head. While my wife was born on the Peninsula, I have never lived outside Cork city so, for me, setting up home on a strip of land jutting out into the Atlantic ocean was and remains a bit daunting.

However, the people are very friendly and so far so good. The small community here is made up of a church, a grocery shop/post office, a primary school,  a wonderful view of Dunmanus Bay and, of course, two pubs. Kilcrohane is small, very small, very picturesque and with the sun shining and the birds singing there is nowhere better.  This is the last village on the Peninsula and as one local told me ‘at the end of this road, the next parish is in America’.

Next stop America

So, that’s my life for the next year, living what many (including myself) would describe as ‘the dream’ in West Cork. The weather is turning colder, the nights are very dark, but it’s all going to be ok. After all, there are two pubs.

A seat by the fire in Fitzpatrick's Pub, Kilcrohane.


21 thoughts on “The adventure begins.

  1. Good stuff Brian – I’ll follow you with a keen interest! I gre up in a place like that except instead of the sea we had the hills and forests and bogs – keep it real brother!

  2. I’m your sister’s-in-law sister-in law. We visited Ireland in 1980 and my husband has never forgiven me for eliminating the Ring of Kerry from our itinerary. Some day we’ll come back and tour southwest Ireland. In the meantime we look forward with great anticipation to your description of life in the area. I’m so delighted you are doing this blog!
    Pat Joyce Tuszl

  3. Congratulations Brian,

    My wife was born and raised on the same peninsula. I’ve lived everywhere else and have tried to get her to return, with me, to no avail. She now has too many local, Yank, connections.

    Michael Joyce

  4. Looking forward to you keeping us posted on how you are coping in the rush hour traffic and how often you have sat in the seat by the fire. Especially looking forward to joining you some time before too long. Best of luck!

  5. Brian. Strikes me that your name does not seem to be anywhere on the blog? Some of the foodies on my staff are going to follow your blog to get good recipes, tips for restaurants etc

    • Very good point Kathryn, I will remedy that on the next installment. Thanks for spreading the word, there will be plenty of recipes and restaurant tips coming up soon.
      Thanks again

  6. Hi Brian and Caroline. I’m really happy for ye that ye are settling into life in Kilcrohane. Looks like a beautiful place bud. I hope to get down that way before Xmas to sample the black stuff in Eileens and maybe sing a bar of a song if i drink enough of it. It looks like a bar i know in Kilworth. I miss my auld buddy but hope to see ye soon…. if i get an invite of course. Take it easy brother. Talk to you soon. Bud in Jimmy’s bar.

  7. hello there traveller,

    i am living in cork with my husband trevor and our 4 roudy kids and we have just lost his brother to the very same place you are in….I think we will have to schedule in a trip to visit this charming village, although i think the arrival of the 6 of us in our 7 seater van might just add chaos to the traffic situation. I am sure we will look you up when we are in the area and you can show us the sights and the pubs.

    see you soon

  8. Hi Brian, After getting your business card yesterday, I had to check out the blog. Brilliant, so how life is and what you can actually make of life on the peninsula. Love the receipes…. Just put the link to your blog on my facebook page… You are an excellent ambassador for West Cork… Keep up the good work…

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