The world’s most critical job

Right, before I continue with this blog entry we need to get a few things straight from the start.

I realise that it has been three months since my last blog (crikey, this sounds a lot like being in confession) and this entry has nothing whatsoever to do with the Sheep’s Head or life in West Cork but I have a favour to ask.

Let me begin by promising a series of up-coming blogs filled with pirates, Atlantic Challenges, food fairs, book launches, an artist postman, Graham Norton and lots more. The summer has been very busy.

All this with photos and video too, but first let me explain why I need your help.

As you are no doubt aware by now, I love food. I haven’t been a journalist very long and over the years I have interviewed presidents, politicians, pop stars as well as some of the best chefs in Ireland and the UK; but of all these achievements, I rate two feature articles for a certain food magazine as the highlight of my scribbling career.

That magazine is Food & Wine Ireland and now they are looking for a new restaurant critic.Image

In true reality TV style, the publishers decided to make a competition out of the search and asked all those interested to write 150 words on their favourite food experience.

So, I sent in my entry and earlier this week I found out that I have been chosen as one of the five finalists. It’s like XFactor, only much more important.Image

Anyway, it is up to the public to decide and vote for Ireland’s next restaurant critic and here’s where you come in.

I have attached the piece I wrote for the competition and, if you like it, you can log on to and perhaps vote for me?

Delicious Memory

By Brian Moore

The last warm rays of the sun are on my face as I set about preparing the catch.

Mackerel from the bay, tiger striped in turquoise and blue, stiff with freshness, ready for the knife. The driftwood crackles and the skillet is warming nicely. But first a strip of mackerel dipped in light soy touched with wasabi, and swallowed with delight. That fresh, salty, oily tang followed by the fiery punch. Sublime.

Sliced onions are softened on the skillet, now the fresh fish, added with a few home-grown leaves of sage. The orange glow on the horizon calls for a beer, the fish is almost ready. A lucky few gather with plates at the ready, just one more moment. A splash of white wine vinegar sends a delicious cloud into the air.

I sit on a rock, curling my toes into the sand with every bite.

Isn’t food great?


Let’s put it this way: I live in West Cork, I love food, I love to cook, I love to write, please help make my dream job a reality and I guarantee* I will take you all out for dinner should I get the job.

*Not a guarantee.


18 thoughts on “The world’s most critical job

  1. Hello Brian, well i have really enjoyed reading your ‘eating the sheeps head’ blog but over the summer was disappointed not to see anything being ‘put on’ so when i saw the new update i was pleased.

    Well i voted for ye……when we will we be having the new stuff on with Graham Norton etc !!

    All the best Sean.

    • Thanks Sean, I have let things slip blog wise but you know the old saying ‘you should never let work get in the way of living’. Well that’s what I did, but not to worry I’ll have a new blog ready for next week starting with our postman here in Kilcrohane. Turns out he’s a really, really talented artist. Shocked us all!
      Thanks again

    • Thanks David!
      Did you not see the disclaimer at the end of the blog?
      Tell you what give me a surfing lesson and we’ll see what we can do!
      Oh just so you know I don’t like being cold or wet.

      • disclaimers were made to be ignored brian!!! good luck with the quest for the perfect job. my version of that would be being paid to travel the world and surf and write about it. one can always dream…

  2. Excellent, excellent post Brian. The narrative brings me back to my earlier days spinning for mackerel off the back of the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire, landing the fish, gutting and cooking on a small barbecue while we sat in the evening sun. However, that is the past. In the very near future I will give you my vote. By the time I have that done, it will be in the past too. Best to look forward. You deserve the gig.

  3. Brian,

    The very best of luck with this.

    It’s a bit weird. When I hit the Submit button, nothing happened, just got a blank screen, no acknowledgement. Hope it worked.

    Perhaps you should enquire???

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