Bye bye dream job

Well, the votes are in, the foodies of Ireland have spoken, and I woke this morning NOT the new Food & Wine restaurant critic.

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement but this disappointment will not last. Contrary to reports, I have not taken to the bed or the bottle (although, now that I think about it, a nice glass of whiskey might help get over the rejection a bit faster).

Firstly, I want to congratulate the winner, Rachael Kealy. I look forward to reading your first review. Then, to all the people who voted for me and supported me, thank you very, very much.

I have decided to put it all behind me and continue eating, drinking and writing. If I can’t make it as a restaurant critic, I shall concentrate on winning a Nobel Prize for Literature or Angling, or both. I mean, after making it to the top five Food & Wine finalists, how hard can it be?

Oh, I’ve also asked the good people at Food & Wine to provide me with a list of all the people who voted for me. I shall spend the next few weeks seeing exactly who among my ‘friends’ deserve a mention in my memoirs. If, for some compelling reason, one of you could not vote for me (the death of a loved one, dog ate your copy of Food & Wine/computer/ both hands or you lost the ability to communicate), please don’t worry. I am not one to hold a grudge. I don’t own a gun. And I won’t make you feel bad the next time we meet. If, however, you fail to receive an invite to Kilcrohane over Christmas, find yourself blocked on Facebook, if I seem to cross the road/try and run you over every time we meet, please know now that it’s not personal.

So, that’s that then. The dream job has slipped away once more. Thanks once again for all your support and good wishes. I am truly delighted to have been chosen as one of the finalists.

Now it’s back to life on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula, cooking, eating, writing, fishing and enjoying every minute of life on the shores of Dunmanus Bay.


7 thoughts on “Bye bye dream job

  1. I wish I could write like you do, engaging, funny and without flaw.
    You set an example for me, for how I would like to write. As English isn’t my mother tongue and I work very hard to improve my writing.
    I read a lot of blogs and your writing is my favourite by far.
    Hell, I read a lot of food magazines and they would all benefit from your work.
    So I’m genuinly sorry you didn’t get this job, as I know you had your heart set on it.
    But a public voting system is not a fair one and frankly a little disrespectful for all the people on that short list. A jury of writers should be the ones judging over a job as foodwriter, not a bunch of friends or people you get to vote in the pub or at work.

    I hope the people from Food & Wine will read this, it should be the best writer who wins this opportunity of a lifetime, not the one with the largest group of friends -> voters.
    To me you are a winner, Brian.
    You are a genuine, real and kind person and I was really looking forward to ordering this magazine to read your work.
    Shame, their loss.
    We, your readers, get to enjoy your jokes a little longer on your blog!

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