Eggs, Turf and Beer.

Today we heard the sad news that a Kilcrohane legend has past away.
Finbarr Spillane was a gentleman, a great fisherman, a KIlcrohane landmark and the best spoons player on the Peninsula.
This is the first blog where I mention Finbarr, if you scroll down you will find a recording I made of Finbarr playing the spoons to what I think was his favouriate song ‘Galway Girl’ with Neil Lynch in Eileen’s Bar.
He made us very welcome in Kilcrohane and he will be missed.
RIP Finbarr

Eating the Sheep's Head

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Kilcrohane on a Sunday night then there is only one place to be.

Eileen’s Bar is one of those pubs that leave you feeling that you have just been wrapped in a lovely warm duvet, that is, a lovely warm duvet with beer.

However, Eileen’s is much more than a village pub; you can also get fresh eggs, jam, potatoes, turf and a locally-produced honey known as ‘Northside Nectar’.

Let’s put this in perspective; imagine a scenario where you have invited your in-laws to tea and you decide to bake a cake. However, you have no eggs, the village shop is shut, panic sets in, a major disaster, right? Wrong, you just go up to Eileen’s and you’ll get all the freshly-laid eggs you need, bake a fantastic cake and the in-laws will leave marvelling at your culinary skills. But of…

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